Daniel McGeer

Daniel McGeer

4 June 2019

In Psalm 111 & 112, the Church is described as the ‘Council of the Upright,’ and that we (the offspring) shall be mighty upon the earth. The generation of the upright shall be blessed as light arises in the darkness for the upright.

In these times of shaking and heaving, God is reforming and shifting the power and the responsibility of the Kingdom over to the Upright. However, we must not be found complacent! Psalm 82 paints a picture of God who has arrived amongst the Church as the world shakes and trembles – only to find the Church stuck in the darkness of complacent satisfaction.

There is a Fire that both consumes darkness and promotes the righteous to power. Two powerful demonstrations in the Bible depict God appearing as a Fire that does not destroy. That Fire advanced and shifted the power to the righteous and effectively changed the course of history forever. It is time for the Church to step out of complacency into this Fire and be passionately powerful.

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