Daniel McGeer

Daniel McGeer

7 May 2019

As believers and South Africans it so important to remember that we are citizens of the State which is in Heaven. (Phil 3:20-21) Which means we think and behave differently to those who do not believe. We should not be affected, shaped and identified by what we see going on around us, but we should be ones who are developing and forming our environment by that which flows out of us. Anyone who lives a Kingdom lifestyle will be identified by the way they rejoice, love and pray with thanksgiving.

All satisfaction, contentment, happiness, and joy comes from knowing and loving our God who is our Father. When we experience the greatness of His love we are continually filled with joy and a desire to rejoice. Our happiness cannot be
Let all men know and perceive and recognize your unselfish love, don’t complain and groan about anyone, but let gentleness be seen in every relationship, for our Lord is right here amongst us. He is full of compassion and mercy.
It is better to pray with thanksgiving than to fret and be anxious. When you pray, pray with definite requests. That means you have a clear vision of what to pray for, you are praying from a heart of peace – not for a heart of peace, and you are fully confident that God will give you victory!

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