Daniel McGeer

Daniel McGeer

19 March 2019

Jesus healing the blind man by spreading mud on his eyes, is a neat metaphor for how God recreates and renewer our vision so that we are not blinded, distracted, and confused by false customs and practises that have no power to restore and redeem.

There are 4 powerful truths that empower us to keep our eyes on God’s vision of his Kingdom established on earth.
1. Wait patiently, God will hear your cry – don’t be tempted to start looking around for solutions that are not birthed and inspired by God.
2. God will pull you out of the clay, and then like a potter remould and reform you. Jesus recreated the blind man’s eyes with clay and then washed his blind history away.
3. Jesus had no burdens, His could constantly see what the Father was doing and he was always ready to heal and always in a clear state of mind, full of wisdom and power.
4. God searches the hearts and minds, trying our hearts, He is looking for those who will worship Him in Spirit and in Turht, those who releasing the sound of praise throughout the world.

You are blessed when you believe in the Lord, when your hope and confidence is in Jesus. You will be like a tree planted by living waters, that spreads out its roots by the river, you will not see and fear when the heat comes. Jeremiah 17:7 paraphrased

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