Daniel McGeer

Daniel McGeer

5 March 2019

Two confessions will conquer the power of sin in a person’s life. The first confession is that Jesus died for our sins and rose again to offer us a new life, and the second confession is that we have indeed sinned. The latter relies on the power of the first confession, yet for many Christians, it remains hard to do.

Because of His resurrection, we are encouraged to come out into the light so that our works may be plainly shown what they are – inspired by God. In this light, there is no condemnation, but many people still choose however to shrink away from the light in the hopes that their deeds will not be exposed. The problem is that we hide our acts, we hide them from the cross, and we experience the consequences of our sins. These consequences manifest in the form of shame, confusion, hopelessness, unfaithfulness, mistrust, stress, fatigue and even death. David said, “When I kept silence, my bones wasted away through my groaning…” Ps 32:2

The only way to be completely free is to step up into the light and become a child of the light. Our faith in the power of the cross has to be accompanied by the belief that our sins are forgiven when they are brought out into the light. We have to freely admit our wrongs to God and the people we have hurt and take responsibility for our actions. These confessions open up the door to complete forgiveness and freedom in Christ, and healthy relationships in our families and at church.

“Here comes the call for the steadfastness of the saints – those who keep God’s commandments and their faith in Jesus Christ.” Rev 14:12

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