Daniel McGeer

Daniel McGeer

25 March 2019

The greatest moment of the David and Goliath story is when David determined in his heart that no one will defy the armies of the living God. At that moment David proclaimed that Goliath WILL be destroyed just like the lion and the bear. There were no ifs and buts but a determined decision to defend and uphold the Kingdom of God.

Every now and then you have to beat your plowshares into swords and weapons of war. (Joel 3:10) Everyone wants to plant seeds and reap a harvest, but that becomes impossible when there is no land to plant into. We are waging a spiritual war against principalities that need to be beaten back out of their areas of influence. We enlarge our spheres of influence and increase the fertility of our hearts and minds when we drive out the spiritual forces of the kingdom of darkness.

Do you need to make a determined decision to reclaim lost ground and restore your faith, wellbeing and even your belongings? Listen to this message and ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen you and give you the wisdom and courage along with the weapons and tools you need to drive the enemy out. 

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