From about the start of September 2022, God has been speaking to us about keeping charge of His Holy things. We realised that if we are going to impact the world around us, we first have to allow God to impact the depths of our own hearts. Keeping charge of God’s Holy things in our families, schools, workplaces, communities and even the government requires us to be passionate and earnest about keeping charge of what goes on in our own hearts and minds. Now you might be thinking, “I don’t necessarily want to keep charge of my school or the office where I work, never mind the government!” Or, you might be fired up to keep charge wherever you go! The reality is, these are all areas that do play a part in our everyday lives. And unless we manage the effect they have on our hearts the more they will impact us, instead of us impact them. We have to take charge of what is Holy inside of us!

With that being said, there are four ‘beasts’ that want to take ownership of our hearts and displace the Power of the Kingdom in us. In the series below we learned how to defeat Anger, Fear, Shame and Sadness. These are emotions that should serve us and indicate when things are not ok, but they should never take charge of our hearts. They are good passengers, but very bad pilots! These messages are not comprehensive guides to defeating and managing emotions, and we are not professional counsellors, but our hope is that they will stir you and motivate you to take charge and manage what God has given you. Try to learn just one thing from each message to help you conquer your heart for the sake of the Kingdom!

We quickly want to highlight one takeaway from each of the messages below. We want to encourage you to take the time and listen to each message and then ask God to help you take complete charge of your heart, mind and emotions. Also know, that when you feel like you’ve lost control of your emotions, you can always ask the Holy Spirit to come and reassure you, give Him your thoughts and feelings!  Take the values you gain from these messages and turn them into your Forever Resolutions. What we mean by that, is to build resolutions that last and are life changing. Your breakthrough can be for more than just for the next year or season!


Enjoy and learn from these takeaways!

Daniel & Bernadien


Defeating Anger.

When you are in a battle (or under pressure, or stressed), your ability to think clearly isn’t as easy as when you are at rest. Recognise that sometimes you do have to fight, but you must fight in faith, and from a place of pre-loaded honour and love. Learn to respond in obedience in every situation. Don’t react! Don’t be angry with yourself! A short temper and irritability often indicate that you have not dealt with your own mistake and failures. Take the time, to be honest about your mistakes and learn how to do better and not repeat your mistakes over and over again.

Defeating Fear

David found the courage to pray when God’s purpose for David’s household was revealed to him. Reading this, we realised that sometimes it takes courage just to pray because we are so afraid of disappointment. But God has revealed a promise, we can take courage and pray according to the promise. We are confident because God has promised a good thing!

Defeating Shame

God promises us that if we keep on asking, it will be given to us. Shame so often stops us from asking, but sometimes our breakthrough requires that we just ask! Get over the shame and ask God, ask your teacher, ask your coach, ask your friend, ask your parents, ask your boss, ask your family. When you ask because you have confidence in obedience to God’s Word over your life, you can truly ask for anything!

Defeating Sadness

Sadness and Inactivity often go hand in hand. People who feel sad don’t get much done. People who don’t get much done, feel sad. But God wants to break the power of sadness in your life! ” For you shall eat the fruit of the labour of your hands, HAPPY you shall be, and it shall be well with you! – Ps 128” In this message we talk about these powerful promises for us, and how enjoying what we do, helps us to defeat sadness and be happy!