Daniel McGeer

Daniel McGeer

8 May 2018

Most people kind of hope for a perfect world but don’t genuinely expect to ever experience it. But the truth, it is possible to be a part of that kind of world right now – and that world should be alive and well within the Body of Christ. Jesus taught us to pray in authority. To pray in authority means to declare that whatever takes place on earth should mirror what is happening in Heaven right now. Heaven is God’s perfect plan – and earth is supposed to manifest that plan.

Here is how God is already acting on His plan by establishing 3 things

1. God is first and currently separating the goats from the sheep herd.

What this means is that He is removing those that use their positions for their own gain.
Matthew 25:31-35 and Ezekiel 34 both speak of this process. And He is not just focused on the governments no, he is doing this work in the church and just about every organisation that serves the public. Just like when God removed Eli’s family from the work of the temple, so He will remove pastors and leaders who abuse their power and work the church for their own gain. Church leaders and all others who work in public service are here for one thing, and one thing only – To Serve The Public!
“… prophecy and say to them, even to the [spiritual] shepherds of Israel who feed themselves. You eat the fat, you clothe yourselves with wool, you kill the failings but you do not feed the sheep?” Ezek 34:2-3” Rebuke the herd of bulls with the calves of the people; trample under foot those who lust for tribute money; scatter the peoples who delight in war.” Psalm 68: 30

So whenever you quote Psalm 23, “The Lord is my Shepherd…” over your life, what you are actually declaring is that God will lead you beside quiet waters without the influence of those tyrants that steal and corrupt and are malicious.

2. The Return of Obedience, and Service.

Every Christian will agree that to obey God is one of the most important things a Christian should do, but when asked if they have actually obeyed God, grace walks into the room and then it gets a little murky.

As Jenn Johnson put it, “Grace is not the goal. Holiness is the goal. Jesus set the standard of Holiness. We are called to be like Him. If we set our sites on grace, we only rise to grace. If we will our lives with the conviction and weight of holiness and purity as the goal, we will be caught by the hands of Graces versus living with grace as our cop out to sin.”

Conviction and weight of Holiness – Our conviction through Jesus Christ is that we are Holy (set apart.) Not set apart from the consequences of sin, but actually set apart from sin itself. Grace is a creative force, it is the work of Christ that makes us a new creation. This new creation is not tempted by sin and is not influenced by the world. Describing the church as a light, Jesus makes it clear that we carry in us something that is highly sought after – even the world. Using the analogy of a lamp, he says,”No one lights a lamp and then hides it.” The point here is that when the church and the body of Christ demonstrate a Holy life, the world takes notice and people come running to receive what Jesus has to offer. So often Christians think that sinners can and should hate believers for their faith, but that’s not what Jesus demonstrated. The average person loved Jesus. The religious leaders did not. When Jesus spoke to the woman at the well, it says she ran into town telling everyone of the wonders that Jesus spoke of. In fact, she instantly converted the whole town! We know that crowds followed Jesus wherever he went!

“If they obey and serve Him, they shall spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasantness and joy!” Job 36:11

Holiness is the realisation that we were created to serve, and that we serve God by serving each other. In God’s mercy, we are all children of God. But only obedience can make a child become a father. In order for Abraham to become a father of nations, he had obey and move. He served us through his obedience. Imagine if Abraham had invoked the message of grace as an excuse to remain in his hometown. Grace might have covered Abram if he kicked his donkey, but it would not have covered for the unknown loss of not receiving the promise.

3. Love for the Church

Part of the promise for the church this year is that we will sing praises in full congregations! The point here is not that we have full congregations to fill the seats, but that there will be so much to thank God for that praise will erupt from the congregations. When scripture refers to the Bride of Christ, it is speaking of the gathered congregation of believers. You cannot be a part of the Bride and not be part of the church – more specifically you need to be in church! When we gather as believers, God releases a special anointing on the Body. So much emphasis is placed on the gathering of believers and on praying together. His gifts are released in the body for the edifying of the saints. Even though we all have our own special personal relationships with God, we were never designed to be separated from the body. I have come to realise that man’s spirit is 100% dependant on God and 100% dependant on relationships with others. Take either away and things don’t work out too well. That is why the first two commandments are to love God, and then like it, to love others as we love ourselves, or rather as Christ loved the church.

Hope. Hope is one of the greatest powers on earth. It keeps our eyes lifted up into the future. The constant hope of reward for our efforts encourages us step out in faith. Jesus is the hope for all the world but it requires our participation in the calling. if surely Goodness and Mercy will follow me all of my days (Psalm 23) and The Glory of God will be our rearguard (Isaiah 58:8), then I like to think the the Glory of God is Goodness and Mercy!

When we walk the streets and we experience goodness and mercy wherever we go, we can be sure of one thing only – that we are truly experiencing the Glory of God. The church is one of those places that we can already go to week after week – where an atmosphere goodness and mercy is already on display. I love coming to church to catch this atmosphere knowing that it is my purpose in life to spread this love and help stoke this fire of God’s presence – a fire that can not be quenched.

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