God has destined us to be a powerful nation of Praise, but that won’t happen if the church (you and me) chooses not to gather regularly to Praise. Like Abraham, our faith is empowered when we give Praise and Glory to God. Our hearts are strengthened in Praise because Praise prepares our hearts to expect the best that God has for us. So many of us settle for second best because we haven’t learned to live in and experience the Kingdom of God firsthand. “Instead of bronze and iron, I am going to give you gold and silver,” says the Lord (Isaiah 60:17), urging us to arise from the world’s darkness. “Nations will be drawn to your light, lift your eyes and watch as they gather around you to experience the Glory of God.” Our prayer is that our church will become an engine room of Joy and Happiness in our Nation. We need you to be a part of that engine every single week! God has a plan for us! Mark Sundays as a day of Praise. Make it your priority. Not because we asked you to, but because you want to be part of the sound of Joy, Victory, and Celebration that will grow and swell to transform our Nation, to make it one of the happiest places on earth!