Bethel Sozo ministry is a unique, gentle and honouring inner-healing & deliverance ministry aimed to get to the root of things hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our focus will be to reconnect that deep connection to God’s heart. During a session, wounds and lies are healed and Gods love is powerfully experienced.

Sozo Ministry at the Oasis Revival Ministry is headed up by Adriaan and Rene Enslin, who have loads of experience and have been part of the Sozo Ministry for the last ten years. They are passionate about the inner healing ministry and have seen countless people’s lives transformed, with hearts healed from trauma and hurt. Their passion is to serve and see people healed.

The word SOZO is a Greek word that appears 110 times in the New Testament and means to be saved, healed and delivered, in mind body and soul.

To sign up for your Sozo Session, kindly fill out the form below and submit. 

  • Please note, that a R250 donation will be required to confirm the booking of your Sozo session. Banking Details are available at the bottom of this page.
  • All sessions must be attended in-person in the Pretoria area.


Have you received ministry from a Sozo team in the past?

Will you be able to set time aside to pray and fast before the sozo?

Are you currently receiving counselling?

Do you use medication for depression?

Do you attend a cell group?

For our Sozo sessions, we often have two people on a team; one facilitating and guiding each session, and the other praying for and supporting the process. 
 Please indicate whether or not you would be comfortable should someone from the opposite sex facilitate or attend your session as a prayer and guidance partner.

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Your session will be scheduled for the next available appointment according to your selection. We will respond to confirm your appointment date.

Please remember, a R250 non-refundable donation will be required to confirm the booking of your Sozo session. Banking details below.

Account Name: Oasis Revival Ministry
Account No: 620 8274 6169
Bank: First National Bank
Ref: Sozo-Name


Sundays 09:00

Last Wednesdays 19:30


Location: 1207 Karriboom Street,
Moregloed Pretoria
Email: info@revivalministry.co.za